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Shake! Push! Twist!
Fun for every type of player! Fully utilize the Wii Remote™ and
enjoy a very unique puzzle-adventure game experience only
possible on the Wii™!

*Game Outline*
Today is Milo's birthday. Looking forward to his birthday present
surprise, Milo follows his dad's voice into a room he has never
seen before. Milo's dad excitingly tells him, "This room is your
birthday present! But, it is no ordinary room. It is a room of
puzzles that you like to solve. You need to solve them all in order
to escape the room. Try you best! I know you can do it!"
Milo loves his birthday present surprise and begins to look around
and solve his puzzling room...

Play alone, or think together with family and friends. Have fun and
see who can solve this puzzling adventure game the quickest!

Use both your mind and Wii Remote to escape!!!

System:WiiWare (Wii)
Genre:Escape Game (Puzzle-Adventure)

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